Should Fighter Taunting and After Fight Antics be Banned ?

After Wes Sims inexcusable interview after his recent loss to Bobby Lashley at Strikeforce Miami, I have to ask the question! Should ALL taunting and after fight bullshit be eradicated from MMA?

Sims claimed that Lashley was a “juiced up monkey” and only took back the comment when the reporter asked “Do you want to take back the monkey comment”. Even then Sims seemed reluctant to take it back…

I am not saying Sims is the only fighter to shame themselves with after fight antics. Just take a look at Nick Diaz, Fighting his opponent AFTER the fight…in hospital! (All credit to Dana White though for dealing with Nick – He wont be back until he “learns to play ball“).   I mean where does this all end!? An all out fist fight during post fight interviews?! Surely it is in the MMA promotions best interest  to”encourage” their roster to act like decent human beings once the fight is over with? I am not suggesting they should not be proud of accomplishments, I am not suggesting they should not voice opinions over losses and other things that effect their careers, I am suggesting that they act like normal citizens once the fight is over and done with…

As for Wes Sims….damn! You are once brain damaged idiot! Talk about being subtle…


Trigg Knows Serra’s Right Hand Is Dangerous

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UFC welterweight, Frank Trigg has given his final thoughts ahead of tonight’s clash in Las Vegas at UFC 109 with Matt Serra, saying he’s well aware how dangerous the right hand of “The Terror” will be.

Trigg said:

“He caught Karo (Parisyan), he caught (Chris) Lytle, he’s caught everybody he’s fought with that stinking right hand of his at one point or another throughout the fight. It’s tough because not only does he swing up at you, he kind of has a weird-looping-hooking kind of right hand. It’s not really straight. It’s more of a hooking right hand that comes at you, kind of an uppercut as well, but he’s also really aggressive. He’ll jump right at you,”

Trigg also revealed he’s changed up his training camp ahead of this one, giving him the best possible chance to win on the night.

“A lot of my workouts have been at Cobra Kai’s the last couple of weeks especially because I’m really implementing Marc Laimon into my corner and into my training format and I really got to understand what he’s like, what he’s about, his terminology, stuff like that. I needed to give myself the best shot to win and I needed short, squatty guys who have good over hand rights and great jiu-jitsu.”

“In Vegas, there’s no one better than Marc Laimon to know what Serra’s going to do, how he’s going to do it. So I just had to make a choice and give myself the best opportunity to win and I had to change my camp up a little bit (by) including Marc Laimon.”

Trigg certainly has his back against the wall after losing his first fight back with the promotion back in September. Can this former two-time number one contender prove his point and stay relevant in one of the most stacked divisions in MMA today?

Coleman already counted out of UFC 109 ?

Just looking at I have seen that out of nearly 17,000 people, only 7% of those think that The Hammer can pull out the victory against The Natural…

16,373 Votes

93% – Randy to Win

7% – Coleman to Win

Sadly I have a feeling that the majority of these votes are from people who really have no clue about what “The Hammer” can do to people…Not that it has any real bearing on the outcome of the fight !

Bring on Tonight ! Should be a good one !

Our Top 10 Fighter Walkout Tracks! I dare you to try and tell Wanderlei that Sandstorm is gay…..

OK, so there’s nothing better than getting hyped up to watch a BIG fight. Not just any old main event. No, I mean one of those epic “my world would implode if missed this” fights!

You follow all the articles, listen to the trash talking go backwards and forwards between opponents, we all have our “professional” opinions on who is going to win and why, you watch 2 and a half hours worth of mediocre fights JUST to get to the big one and then it happens….The lights fade to black, Your sat on the edge of you seat waiting for that music to hit so your fighter can come out an demolish everybody in his sight. Finally the beat drops and your man is on his way to the cage to some big beats! Heavy bass, a tense build up, Catchy rhythms – It’s all got you thinking “Damn, this beat is hard! But what is the track!?” – So here we have our top 10 walkout tracks!

10) Reveille  “What you got”

Used in the past by Ken Shamrock. No wonder why he used to be walking down the ramp pumped up to hell! Take a listen and tell us how you would feel!

9) Cypress Hill “Valley of chrome”

Way back at UFC 47 Chuck Liddell came out to this. The atmosphere was tense! Chuck and Tito were finally going at it and from the moment that the opening bass line hit you knew Chuck meant business…Even though he was smiling

8 ) Red hot chilli peppers “Higher Ground”

Josh “Kos” Koscheck has been using this as his regular lately and for some reason we like it. It’s not particularly heavy or suspenseful, but it definitely does get the adrenaline pumping and lyrically it suits Kos!

7) Pharoahe Monch “Simon Says”

You know when this music hits only one man is coming, and that man is Renato “babalu” Sobral. Heavy beats for some heavy hands….need we say more on this one!?

6) Imposs “Mornier 4 life”

For those who don’t know, Imposs is a Canadian rapper of Haitian origin. He is also the man who supplied Georges St-Pierre with the heavy beat that he used at UFC 100. Just don’t start skipping around with your Gi on and your school tie wrapped around your head….

5) Kanye West “Amazing”

So this track might not be the fastest passed or the most aggressive you would of heard a fighter come out to, but when you see Frank Mir walking towards the octagon as calm as can be just listen to the lyrics and you will know why this has made it on to the list!

“It’s amazing, I’m the reason, That everybody’s fired up this evening, I’m exhausted, Barley breathing, Holding on to what I believe in…”

4) Roy Jones JR “ Can’t be touched”

Rampage Jackson might be the court jester of MMA today but believe us when we say you would not want to joke with a man that walks out with an industrial chain around his neck, howling like a wolf and killing you with his stares….

The song fits Rampage down to a T…..No pun intended!

3) KRS One “Step into a world”

So Rashad Evans might not be high on everybody’s favourite fighter list but you cannot deny that the guy has a taste for classic hip-hop head bangers. Epic track to use!

2) Darude “Sandstorm”

If you walked into a gay bar “accidently” you would most likely find the DJ dressed in his latex police outfit getting ready to play this track…

If you are Wanderlei Silva on the other hand, you would axe murder the DJ, Take this record and turn it into your signature track!

1) DMX “Intro” from the album “It’s dark and hell is hot”

So this is it, our number 1 pick for entrance music. The moment those church bells hit and the arena turns blue you KNOW you’re about to get knocked out…Well….Prior to UFC 71 that was the case. Yes, we are talking about the one, the only, Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell! Fingers crossed he will come back on top form though when he meets Tito for the third time!

We know that alot of you will agree to disagree with our choices here, So feel free to leave comments with your favourite walkout tracks!