UFC 109 Main Card Results and Breakdown

Lastnight was the night to fight. Lastnight was UFC 109. This PPV was headlined by two of the legends of MMA with a fight 10 years in the making.

Up first was Matt Serra vs Frank Trigg. This was mostly a stand up game with Trigg connecting early. Serra was able to connect with a big punch that knocked out Trigg. Serra wins via KO in the 1st.

Next was Demian Maia vs Dan Miller. Maia came into this fight looking to stand after training with Wanderlei Silva. Maia showed how hard he had been working at his his striking game and it showed. He was able to dominate Miller for 3 rounds and win via
unanimous decision.

Up third is Mike Swick vs Paulo Thiago. Thiago was able to dominate Swick throughout the fight both standing and on the ground. When Swick was on the ground and got an underhook in on Thiago, Thiago was able to turn that into a D’arce choke and choke Swick unconscious. Thiago wins via submission.

With the co-main event of the night it was Nate Marquardt vs Chael Sonnen. This fight was a huge surprise for Marquardt. This was the first time he had been on his back for most of the fight. He was unable to fight off Sonnen and get in much offense. Chael dominated Nate on the ground and had him on his back the entire fight. Chael received a nasty cut that left him bleeding like a stuck pig in the second round. Late in the third round Nate had Chael in a very deep guillotine choke but Chael was able to fight his way out of it. The fight went to the cards and Chael Sonnen won via unanimous decision.

Finally we have the main event. This is the fight fight fans have been waiting for for 10 years. This is the fight we were unable to see because Coleman went off to fight in PRIDE. Now with Coleman at 45 years of age and Couture at 46 it was finally time to see it happen. This was the battle of the old men in the UFC (but don’t tell them that). The first round was spent with Couture standing and landing shot after shot on a very stiff Coleman. Coleman had his head straight up the whole time and just kept stepping back from the strikes, which Couture was able to capitalize on. The fight went into the second round where it was more of Couture striking. Except this time Couture was able to get Coleman on the ground and get in some ground and pound. During the GnP, Coleman turned and Couture was able to get in a rear naked choke and choke Coleman unconscious. The surprising part about this fight is that Couture still looks VERY good and he says it’s the best he’s felt in his career. Couture wins submission in the second round.

The post fight after the Couture vs Coleman fight was highlighted by Tito Ortiz yelling something at Coleman and Coleman responding (while in the middle of a post fight interview with Rogan) “F*** YOU, TITO!” and something to the effect of “I’LL FIGHT YOU RIGHT NOW!” and calling him a douchebag.

UFC 109 was a night of very different fights. Either they were great or not so great. The worst fight of the night came surprisingly from a Gracie. He was completely gassed and did not look like he belonged in a UFC ring or any other MMA ring for that matter. One has to hope it was just nerves and not lack of talent. He will certainly have a target on his back with his last name being Gracie.

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