Should Fighter Taunting and After Fight Antics be Banned ?

After Wes Sims inexcusable interview after his recent loss to Bobby Lashley at Strikeforce Miami, I have to ask the question! Should ALL taunting and after fight bullshit be eradicated from MMA?

Sims claimed that Lashley was a “juiced up monkey” and only took back the comment when the reporter asked “Do you want to take back the monkey comment”. Even then Sims seemed reluctant to take it back…

I am not saying Sims is the only fighter to shame themselves with after fight antics. Just take a look at Nick Diaz, Fighting his opponent AFTER the fight…in hospital! (All credit to Dana White though for dealing with Nick – He wont be back until he “learns to play ball“).   I mean where does this all end!? An all out fist fight during post fight interviews?! Surely it is in the MMA promotions best interest  to”encourage” their roster to act like decent human beings once the fight is over with? I am not suggesting they should not be proud of accomplishments, I am not suggesting they should not voice opinions over losses and other things that effect their careers, I am suggesting that they act like normal citizens once the fight is over and done with…

As for Wes Sims….damn! You are once brain damaged idiot! Talk about being subtle…

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