Trigg Knows Serra’s Right Hand Is Dangerous

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UFC welterweight, Frank Trigg has given his final thoughts ahead of tonight’s clash in Las Vegas at UFC 109 with Matt Serra, saying he’s well aware how dangerous the right hand of “The Terror” will be.

Trigg said:

“He caught Karo (Parisyan), he caught (Chris) Lytle, he’s caught everybody he’s fought with that stinking right hand of his at one point or another throughout the fight. It’s tough because not only does he swing up at you, he kind of has a weird-looping-hooking kind of right hand. It’s not really straight. It’s more of a hooking right hand that comes at you, kind of an uppercut as well, but he’s also really aggressive. He’ll jump right at you,”

Trigg also revealed he’s changed up his training camp ahead of this one, giving him the best possible chance to win on the night.

“A lot of my workouts have been at Cobra Kai’s the last couple of weeks especially because I’m really implementing Marc Laimon into my corner and into my training format and I really got to understand what he’s like, what he’s about, his terminology, stuff like that. I needed to give myself the best shot to win and I needed short, squatty guys who have good over hand rights and great jiu-jitsu.”

“In Vegas, there’s no one better than Marc Laimon to know what Serra’s going to do, how he’s going to do it. So I just had to make a choice and give myself the best opportunity to win and I had to change my camp up a little bit (by) including Marc Laimon.”

Trigg certainly has his back against the wall after losing his first fight back with the promotion back in September. Can this former two-time number one contender prove his point and stay relevant in one of the most stacked divisions in MMA today?

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